Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 4- 6/22/11

I picked two pictures again for day 4. The first one is actually my favorite for the day and the second one I wanted to share just because it cracks me up! I wanted to get a picture of E and but later realized that M was in the picture with her mouth wide open. I think she was roaring like a lion. They were listening to a story and the lady was great at getting them involved!

By the way, has anyone else noticed that the kids have taken over this blog now! They already have their own, do they really need to take over this one too?! Well they won't be in all of the pictures because I don't see them on the weekends. That means I need to find some other subject.

Day 3- 6/21/11

I chose two pictures for day 3. I really like the first picture for the bright colors. The kids were playing at their favorite park. It has a sandbox with water in it. E's favorite thing to do is just let the water run and flood the whole sandbox. After a while he will play in all of the mud. So the kids are usually in swimsuits when we go there.

Even though I haven't perfected the indoor pictures just yet, I still really like the second picture. It shows how fast this camera is! I would have never got this shot with my old camera! I love the action shots I am getting!

Day 2- 6/20/2011

On Day 2 I got to practice a lot on the kids. We went to an indoor play area which is pretty dark. I think I got some good shots in manual both with and without flash. After, we went to a park. Outside pictures are always my favorite anyway. It was nice to finally get to see what this camera could do outside. Here is one of my favorite pictures of M in the swing.

Day 1- 6/19/11

On Sunday I got my new camera. I have always had my eye on the camera strap covers that I see in other blogs and have always wanted to make one. So as soon as the decision was made that I would be getting my new camera, I started looking up tutorials for how to make a camera strap cover. I decided to use this tutorial Now I need to find a tutorial on how to put a link in here without it looking like that! So while my new camera was charging I went to JoAnn's to pick out some fabric. I love the colors and the way it all looks together. The tutorial was pretty easy to follow and the most time consuming part was cutting out the fabric. I would LOVE to have a cutting mat and rotary cutter! It would make things like this a LOT faster! So if anyone wants to get me a birthday present (which is in less than 2 weeks btw), you know what I want!

Anyway, most of the other pictures I took that day were of random objects, the bookcase, a pillow, a candle. I just wanted to practice changing settings and figuring out what settings to use in my current lighting situation.