Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He has me wrapped around his tiny finger

Today I let A finger paint with his lunch (he wasn't eating it anyway). I put some black paper on his try and dropped some rice cereal on it and let him smear it around and smash it in his hands. Since he wasn't eating his veggies, I put a drop of that on there too. Well, by the end of the day it had dried and you could no longer see the cereal on the paper. Oh well, it was the process that counts and dad was still excited to see his first piece of art work.

So on to why I'm wrapped around his finger. As I said, he wasn't eating so I ended lunch and put him down for nap. When he got up I tried lunch again and he still wouldn't let the spoon get anywhere near his mouth. He usually gives me a hard time with lunch but eats breakfast just fine. So I decided to try the rest of the fruit from breakfast. He ate that just fine, no protesting. He was giving me this big goofy grin the whole time as if to say "I sooo have you wrapped around my tiny finger." So now he knows that he doesn't have to eat his veggies anymore because I'm a sucker and I'll give in and give him what he wants. Oh well, at least he ate.