Saturday, February 21, 2009

You know you're in Michigan when...

I decided to start a 365 blog after seeing my cousin's 365 blog. When I started to really think about it I realized how fast life goes by and how little I actually remember about my regular daily life. I'm in Michigan right now starting this blog but I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I don't make it back to Michigan as often as I'd like and just realized that I haven't been here since Christmas. Time seems to fly by a lot faster lately and I think I just realized it.

Today I went to work with my dad. He was just finishing a job remodeling someone's bathroom. On the way, there was a commercial on the radio advertising a gun and knife show in Kalamazoo. My first thought was "only in Michigan" (hence the title of this blog).

The new bathroom was really nice. I especially liked the tile work in the shower. I loved the shower! It was nice and big, the size of a bathtub but it was just the shower.

While we were there, I took pictures of the bathroom. My mom took before and after pictures but the after pictures didn't turn out. I just used my phone so they may not turn out as nice as if I would have used my camera. However, I have noticed that my phone does take some pretty good pictures for a phone.

So here is my picture for today.

Afterwords we stopped at DiMaggio's for lunch. On the way out someone was going in. It wasn't until my dad pointed it out that I realized who it was. It was a boy that I baby-sat a few times when I was younger. I couldn't believe how old he was. My first thought: "How can that be Geano, he was just 4 a few years ago?" I guess time really does fly by without us really knowing it. Yup, it's definately time to start this blog.