Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girly weekend

On Friday Jackie went shopping for a dress with me. Next month Rob and I are going to Florida for his friend's wedding and I wanted to get a dress for it. Did I mention this in my last blog? I can't remember. Anyway, Jackie and I also decided to have a spa day/night. I am excited about that. We are planning on doing it next weekend.

So yesterday I picked out a few things for myself to be a little more girly. I bought some new makeup. I rarely wear makeup so the stuff I have is a little old. Last night I did a little research online for at home facials and pedicures. I even looked up makeup tips. I know how to put on makeup but I'm a little out of practice since I rarely wear it. I think I would like to start being a little more girly. Maybe that will be my other new years resolution.

Yesterday I also went back to Ikea because they finally had the bins that I wanted in black. It looks better but I'm still getting used to it. I will post pictures when I have a clean enough kitchen to take pictures of. Maybe later today?