Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A typical day

So I thought I would post about a typical crazy day at work. By the way, I am using today. Last night I spent a long time on a blog and then the app on my phone crashed and the whole thing was lost. It was about how many activities the kids have throughout the week. I still plan to post that, maybe at the end of this blog. In the meantime, I want to post about how crazy some of the days get around here.

I arrive at 8:30 in the morning. I usually talk to dad first and play with the kids for about 15-20 minutes before we get on with the craziness. At about 10 to 9 I heard the kids into the bathroom to brush teeth. As I'm getting their toothbrushes ready I here Scooby scream from the livingroom. I go in to find the blinds hanging sideways and his finger is stuck in the string. "that's why we don't play with the blinds, I told you to leave them alone." I get Scooby calmed down and the blinds fixed and heard them into the bathroom. Today we make it through teeth brushing without fights over the water cup or worse, a dumped water cup all over Ladybug's pants. I get a pair of socks for Scooby (his feet are bare about 85% of the mornings when I get there) and after asking him about 7 times to put them on, they are on his feet. Coats, hats and only half the gloves are on. I, of course can't find one of Scooby's gloves but that's okay because they don't stay on anyway. I also can't find the hat that actually stays on Ladybugs head so I put the too big one on her and load them in van. Of course we are running late and the snow is really coming down. Scooby informs me that he is hungry. "you'll have a snack at school." Luckily he drops it. We drive off and once we get going Ladybug's hat comes off. Not a big deal because she is in the car right? Wrong. She hates when it comes off and thinks that it is important enough for me to pull over and fix. Sorry but we would never make it to school if I had to pull over each time it falls off. We get to the train tracks and of course, because we are running late, we have to wait for a very long train. Finally we make it to school and Scooby is one of the last ones there. At least we didn't have to wait in line.

Ladybug and I get home around 9:20. I spend quite a bit of time tearing the house apart trying to find the missing hat. Finally I give up and put Ladybug in her seat with some fruit and crackers. While she munches on the crackers I go and retrieve the comb I have hidden in her room. I got tired of trying to find it and since they have two, I hid one for myself so that I will always know where it is when I need it. I then find an elastic band for her hair. Daddy usually does her hair in the morning but 1) it looks horrid and 2) while the clips he uses are cute, they don't stay. So I usually re-do her hair while I have her strapped down in het seat with a snack. While I'm doing this, I sneak in a few crackers for myself since I haven't yet had breakfast. Sometimes, if we don't have to be anywhere, I will sit and have a bowl of cereal while she eats her snack. Not today. After I finish her hair, I feed her the fruit she had been avoiding while she looks at a book. By the time she is done, it is time to go. I start putting things away and realize I haven't got her cup of water yet. Once I put it in the diaper bag I realize I should change her before we go. I quickly wrestle her into a clean diaper. As I'm getting her coat and stuff together her hair band snaps. Now I get to do her hair again only this time she is not strapped in a chair. Lucky me, she is into reading a book.

Once we are in the car again and backing out of the driveway, the hat comes off again. The roads are bad and now I get to listen to wailing the whole way to My Gym. We make it there on time and in one piece. We have a lot of fun except when Ladybug pushes another girl for standing near her. Her class is over at 11:30. Since Scooby has sports camp after school we have a little bit of time to kill. It is not enough time to go anywhere but it is too much time to go straight to pick up Scooby. I decide to go home and get something for lunch ready. We get home with just under 15 minutes until we have to leave again. It is just enough time to make a sandwich for Scooby and decide that Ladybug will have leftovers. When I bring her here coat less than 15 minutes after taking it off, I get a look and a whine. "I know, we just got home but we need to get Scooby from school."

As soon as we are at the school and the car is parked, Ladybug's whole world ends because she is not out of her seat the exact moment the car stopped. Inside we wait for class to end and Ladybug has another meltdown. This time it is because the hat came off again and I decided to hold onto it instead of putting it back on. On the way out Scooby cries about not being invited to his friends house. At the same time, Ladybug is thrashing around in my arm because she is done with all of this on the go business. I feel you Ladybug, I'm ready to get on the ground and thrash around too. In the car Ladybug anounces that she has to poop. "go ahead, we can change when we get home."

Once at home, there is more thrashing as I struggle to unbundle Ladybug. The coats can stay in a heap for now. There is a fight over who washes hands first and a meltdown from Scooby because he wants lunch right that second. Finally everyone is served and for once the meal is somewhat quiet. They are both looking at books while they eat which I am not usually a fan of but now I think I will be because I love quiet lunches. After lunch I realize, as she is still talking about it, that Ladybug hasn't pooped yet. I get her ready for nap and fear what will come if she poops before nap. We read, we sing, we kiss goodnight. She talks for a while before falling asleep. I guess she didn't poop, I would assume she wouldn't be able to fall asleep if she had.

I clean up lunch and hang up coats. Then I head downstairs where Scooby spend the afternoon playing hotwheels. At 3:45 it is time to get ladybug up from nap or else she won't sleep at night. I really hate waking her up from naps because she is never too pleased when I do. I feed them about seven (or at least it seems like seven) different things for snack. Today I decide we are not going out for the afternoon, it is late, it is snowy, and I'm tired of being in the car. Instead, I let the kids play nicely together. Were they really getting along? Yes! They were thrilled with letting this boat drive off of the counter in the bathroom while they ran away from it shrieking. In the meantime, I gathered up all of their snow gear and then announced that we were going outside for the rest of the afternon. I pulled them around in their sleds until mom got home. All-in-all it was a fun day, just packed full of crazy.

Anyway, I need to go to bed. We leave for Florida tomorrow night after I have another crazy day with the kids.
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