Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid people should not be allowed to have children

The other day I took Ladybug and Scooby to the mall to play. While we were there, I overheard a woman talking to her 2 1/2-3 yo boy. I could not believe what I heard her telling him! First she asked if any of the other kids had pushed him or hit him. I didn't hear his response. I then heard her go on to tell him that if any other kid ever did anything mean to him that that kid was a bully and he was to hit or push or whatever back! Um no! You don't tell your 3 yo that! He needs to learn to use his words. I was just completely disgusted with what I was hearing her tell this little boy. It was almost like she was scolding him. It almost seemed as if he knew better because I heard her tell him "no, you don't do that, you hit back." I'm pretty sure I was not misunderstanding this but I really hope that I was!

I'm thankful that Scooby and Ladybug were not within earshot at the time. I have really been pushing for them to use their words. The other day Scooby kept getting close to Ladybugs face (not for anything mean but just putting his face close to hers) and she would reach out and slap him. She did it twice within five minutes. The second time she put her nails out and gave him a big scratch on the cheek. She has been getting rough with the face lately. She will do it to me too. She hits me in the face, scraches my face, digs her nails in, and pinches. So what I do when she does this is gently stroke her cheek and say "gentle." Within seconds she will be stroking my cheek and saying "gentle." So after the second attack on Scooby the other day, I shared this with him. He tried it and sure enough, she was doing it back to him. It was actually kind of cute to see the two of them stroking each others cheek and saying gentle.

Ladybug is really starting to attach to me. She was great with me during the day before but she still had departure issues when dad would leave for work in the morning. That got a lot better within the last few weeks but just this week we have really noticed a change in her in the mornings. Dad has noticed it too. She attaches right on as soon as I get there and not in a clingy way. It's great to see. I've also noticed a difference at naptime. She has to shower me with a hundred kisses before I can leave her room. It's great and I really think it is helping my attachment to them. Scooby, I think, is showing some signs as well but his are not as lovely. He is getting a little more defiant. He used to eat his lunch without complaint and now he doesn't. He also never really demanded things like he does now. It could be a phase but I think it could also be that he is a little more comfortable around me now so he feels it is okay to open up and do these things. I've seen him do some of it with his parents so that is why I think that it is because he is getting more comfortable. Also, I noticed at the beginning that he almost never used my name and now he is using it more often.

Anyway, this was supposed to just be a quick rant about the stupid people who have children and it turned into a lot more. I'm not complaining though, I'm glad I got some of that out there.