Monday, November 23, 2009

Lions and tigers and bears oh... no?

When I got to work this morning, E was in rare form. He was getting upset at everything M did. He was crying that he didn't want dad to leave. M was doing the same. Finally E got into a drawing and dad was able to leave. M was okay once he was gone like usual. However, the fighting and arguing began again. I knew I had to get them out of the house. I had planned to take them to Cosley Zoo anyway.

Before heading out, I asked E if he needed to go potty before we left. His answer was "um no, I just went last night." I guess he only has to go once a day. Lucky him! So we packed up and headed to the zoo. It was a nice little zoo with ducks and farm animals. E liked pointing out all of the animals poop.

After the zoo, I took the kids to McDonalds for lunch and to let them play. E was so nice and helpful with M. He took her up into the play thing and down the slide. That girl has no fear! I was happy to see that, for the most part, they were well behaved when it was time to go. There was another lady there that was so mad at her son for not listening when it was time to go. She kept telling him over and over that they were never ever coming there again. I wonder how many times that kid has heard that?

On the way home, M did a pretty good job of staying awake which is good because otherwise she won't nap. Well she still had a hard time going down for nap. It took almost an hour today. Mom told me to let her cry longer if she does that again. Anyway, I went downstairs and E was asleep. I wish I could have been happy about that but I am not supposed to let him sleep. Anyway, I got him to wake up but he was still kind of laying around. I could tell he was tired. They both had their H1N1 shots yesterday so I'm guessing that had something to do with it.

Well it is 7:30 already and I can't believe it. I am still adjusting to getting home at 6 instead of 4. So I should get going and try and enjoy the rest of my evening.