Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The toys! They drive me crazy!

I am an organized person so when I have to spend a lot of time in an unorganized place, I go crazy!! I can't imagine how these kids feel! The toys are all just piled into big toy boxes and there are so many of them that the kids don't know what to play with or even where all the pieces are when they do decide to play with something.

Today I can tell that E was overwhelmed with it because he would just walk by and dump something and then walk away. I tried to get him to clean up before playing with something else but he refused.

On Friday I talked to mom about getting organized and she seemed on board with it. I hope it happens soon because I can't take much more of it. She is going to look into some type of system with different bins. Then I will sort it all out and take pictures of the toys to put on the bin so everyone knows what goes in what bin. Then I am going to talk to them about enforcing a rule about having only one or two things out at a time and putting them away before moving on. I really hope it hapens soon. Did I say that already?

Oh, my other idea is to pull some toys out and store them and then switch them with other toys in a few weeks.

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Silence is golden... maybe

This morning the kids have been playing very nice together. For the most part. It's a good thing because it is a yucky day outside and I had nothing planned for the except a possible trip to the library if things got too crazy. I think we might go this afternoon depending on what time M gets up from nap. Right now the kids are both playing in E's room with the door shut. I am listening for sounds of trouble but otherwise I am welcoming the quiet.

So for now, here is a picture from yesterday at Cosley. M was trying to feed the sheep a piece of straw.