Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 9 6/27/11

Okay so I've noticed that my pictures are starting to get boring but they are now just everyday kind of things. I'll have some interesting pictures now and then when something interesting happens in my life (like this coming weekend!). I also have to admit that there are two days that I didn't take a picture. One of them I can still take, the other I ate already. Oops. Oh well, I'm not giving up.

This picture I took because that bottle was my life for three days. The morning before I woke up and my ear was plugged up and I could hardly hear out of it. I assumed it was just build up so I was using this stuff to help loosen it up. It must have helped because finally on the fourth morning, it unplugged after I took a shower. No, I didn't go that long without a shower, it just took me that long to try and unplug it after a warm shower. Anyway, lesson learned, they are not lying to you when they tell you not to insert a q-tip all the way in your ear. It really will just push everything in deeper. It took a while, but it finally caught up to me.


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