Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 6- 6/24/11

Snowball fight!! Yup, that's right, we had a snowball fight in June! As you can see it was only cotton balls. It goes along with the theme we did this week. To find out more, you will just have to go read my other blog! Anyway, I like how I was able to get all the action in this shot. I did have to use the flash for this picture but was glad to see that it still showed a bit of blurring so you can see the movement.

I found an awesome website yesterday that is teaching me a lot about photography. I will be trying out some of the things that I'm learning this weekend while the kids take a break from the paparazzi. Rob and I may go to Naperville today to the riverwalk so I can practice. Tomorrow he has the whole day off so I want to go downtown. We will see. And in two weeks is when my sister and I get to go downtown. I am really looking forward to taking that photography class! Of course I'm excited to see DMB too.

Also, thank you Jamie and Missy for helping me with the links. I do not speak html at all! One day I would like to learn!


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