Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thin mint ice cream

I am eating this as I post! It is chocolate ice cream with the girl scout thin mint cookies. Mmmm. Of course I had to add the chocolate syrup.

Not much else to post today. Pretty sure I will be able to go to Maine. I will be calling Abbe tomorrow night to book my tickets! Can't wait! Oh and I got to talk to Mena on the phone tonight. It was cute, she kinda just giggled in the phone. I miss those girls!


These feet belong to A. I decided to put his new shoes on him today when we went out for our two walks. I thought the shoes were so cute even if they were a little big. Like I said, we went for two walks today. I was soooo nice out. In the morning we went for a walk to the Library where I tried to get a library card. They wouldn't let me though because I don't live in that town. But they said that if I get one in Downers Grove (where I live), I can use it there. They also let us look around a little bit. A loved it. He mostly liked walking around and watching the other kids. In the afternoon I took him to the park and let him swing. He always loves that.

When I got home Rob and I went to our Library so I could get a card and then we went to get dinner.

I also still don't know for sure if I can go to Maine or not. There also may be a change in plans. Abbe's mom's doctor's office made a mistake and said that her appointment was supposed to be on the 15th not the 4th. She yelled at them and told them that they needed to move it back to the 4th because of the arrangements that have been made already (me flying out). So they are going to let her know. If they can't keep the 4th then they are going to move it to August when Abbe can take off. So that means that my trip will be off. I really hope they can keep the 4th. But I did get to talk to Abbe for a while. It was nice talking to her. She also gave me some sad news; Kyle's sister passed away about a month ago. I knew she had cancer and they didn't give her very long but I was sad to hear that she has passed away. They have two school-aged girls. I'm really sad for the girls as well as everyone else in the family. Anyway, must go.