Sunday, July 24, 2011

I've been a bad photographer/blogger

First I got behind on posting my pictures and now I'm behind on taking them. I haven't even touched my camera in days! It's sad really. Anyway, I am joining a 20 week photo challenge. It's only 1 picture a week so lets hope I can do this! Hopefully I will pick up some followers along the way. Followers who actually read/comment on my blog. That will help me keep up! And I still plan on posting pictures from my weekend in Chicago including the one taken on the photo safari. Plus I know I still need to post pictures from the wedding. It's been over two months. But to be fair, I have yet to receive a disc with my photos. Right now I have the ones that were taken with my camera and a few of the ones my cousin/photographer took.

On another note, I am planning a photo shoot with the kids I nanny. Actually it will probably be a series of photo shoots. I then plan to make a photo book out of those pictures and give it to the parents for Christmas. I did something similar last year except the pictures were of all the things we did over the summer. This time I'd like it to focus more on the kids and photography. I also want to offer to do a family photo shoot for them. I haven't decided if I want that to be part of the Christmas present or if I want to offer it now and hopefully do it while the weather is still nice or this fall with all the pretty fall colors and leaves. I'm torn really. I also think that if I offer it now or before Christmas, maybe it would take away from the idea for their Christmas present. Anyway, I have been getting lots of ideas from local photographers websites and also the photography section on Pinterest. By the way, if anyone out there is a member of pinterest, I really want to join!! I need an invite. I click on the request invite button, enter my e-mail and nothing! I'm not sure how it works so I would love some help!!


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