Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011

2010 was a year full of ups and downs.

In the beginning of the year I was still trying to deal with my new job. It took me a long time to get over the fact that I had lost my previous job.

I then lost two grandparents, first my Oma and then my Grandfather.

In March Rob and I celebrated out two year anniversary. We spent the first part of it at E's birthday party and then went to dinner. I think I was asleep by 9 that night since I had a cold.

June was a good month. One of my best friends got married and I got to be in the wedding. I had a blast that weekend! Later that month my niece turned a year old. I was happy that we were all able to be there to celebrate with them (with the exception of Rob and Amanda).

Summer was good but went by entirely too fast. I had a blast with the kids at work. We did a lot of fun things and I was sad to see the end of summer. For the last three weeks of the summer, the family went to Australia so I was off of work. My mom and I went to Ohio to see my sister and then the three of us went to North Carolina to visit Laura. It was a great weekend! I miss spending so much time with all three of them!

In September E started kindergarten and we all settled back into a routine.

In October my family and I celebrated my dad and sister's birthdays. Unfortunately Rob was not able to be there. We all went out to dinner. I got the chance to talk to Amanda about Weight Watchers which she had started a few weeks before. I was very interested in it and decided to try it. Although I didn't pay for it, I had a lot of good tips from her and found a calculator. The first few weeks went great! That month Rob also decided that he was going to join the Navy. It was a big decision that we both feel will open a lot of opportunities for us both.

In November Rob and I officially got engaged. We always knew that we were going to get married and the fact that he is joining the Navy means that we need to start making plans. It was more of a conversation than an actual proposal but I could not be more excited. For more details, read my other posts.

In December I was in a small car accident. No one was hurt and it was my fault. I looked down briefly at my phone which I had been using as a GPS since I was trying to find someones house. We had been sitting at a red light so I decided to look at the map. The light turned green, the guy in front of me started going and then stopped again. I didn't see that he had stopped so I hit him. There was minimal damage to his car and he was really nice about it. He even ran back to where I hit him in the rain to get my front license plate. My car had a bit more damage done to it but nothing that had to be fixed right away. That night, Rob gave me my ring. He was actually picking it out at the time that I was in the accident. He wasn't going to give it to me that night but decided that it might help me feel better about what happened. He said that he knew what would make me feel better and then went to the refrigerator and got me a bottle of Mike's hard lemonade. I took it out of his hand and under the bottle was my ring. So I still got my surprise!

December also brings Christmas. Christmas was good this year. I was actually able to get Rob something good this year. It was between a kindle or a kincet. I was hoping to get him the kindle because that is what he really wanted but they were sold out everywhere! So I went with the kinect which we both have enjoyed using. We even brought it to Michigan and my mom and dad even enjoyed playing some of the games. It was fun to watch! Of course from Rob, my ring was a big part of my Christmas gift but he still managed to find several other things that I really wanted like a speaker dock for my phone, an arm band for my phone for when I work out, Toy Story 3, and the money to get my ring re sized (which is where my ring is right now). We also finally got a new tv which is something we have been wanting to get for about two years now. From my work family, I received a very generous Christmas gift, an iPad. It meant a lot to me that they really wanted to show me how much they appreciate me. They tell me all the time and even have the kids thank me everyday before I leave. I was blown away by this gift! I have been blessed with the families that I have worked for. Out of four, three of them have been amazing! I have always felt appreciated by the three of them.

Even though my year has ended on a good note, it seems as though there are others around me that were not so lucky. Some of them are close to me and some I only know through blogland. First, I have been reading a woman's blog since this summer. She just found out before Christmas that her five year old son has a unfavorable type of tumor. I was very sad to hear this even though I don't really know the family, I feel like I do. Another blog that I read, the family has two year old twins and the parents have decided to separate. Again, even though I don't really know them, I was surprised to learn that. Yesterday I learned some more bad news. This time it was from a family that I am close with. It was actually my first nanny family. While I was working for them, they moved to Maine and bought a market. Last week the market suffered a fire. It looks to be a burglary and arson. I was very sad to hear about this and wish that I could be there with the family even though I know there is not much I can do for them. If any of my readers are the praying type (or even if you are not), all of these families could use your prayers!
So at that, I will say goodbye 2010.

I look forward to what 2011 has to offer! It is going to be an exciting and life changing year! I will be married and we will find out if Rob will be able to join the Navy. If he is able, there will be some tough times ahead but I am confident that we will get through them and come out stronger because of them.

Wedding updates

So we have an official date- 5/14/2011. We also decided on a location. The ceremony is going to be on Sunset beach in Treasure Island. The cool thing about this beach is that we don't have to pay for permits for a wedding on this beach. So we just basically have to show up and set up. We are doing the ceremony right before sunset and doing pictures right after. Then we are having a small reception right after across the street at the house my parents are renting. My friend Laura is making the invitations for me. She made the invitations for her wedding and they looked great. Now I just need to order the paper and have it sent to her. She is going to do the printing and then we will put them all together. She sent me some samples and Rob and I picked one out that we both really like. We also decided not to let anyone see them until they are sent out. Obviously Laura will see them but that is it.

The weekend after Thanksgiving my sister came out here and we went dress shopping. I tried on several dresses and found some I really like. We then went online and found some similar on their website that were priced a lot better. I ordered the dress and got it in just over a week. When I tried it on, it fit almost perfectly. The straps are a little long and that is it. When I went to Michigan for Christmas I brought my dress with me so that I can leave it hanging for a while. My mom also took some pictures of me wearing it. Here is the picture. Please excuse the wrinkles.

Soon it will be time for the decorating details of the wedding planning.