Thursday, November 26, 2009

A lot on my mind

Last night I stupidly burnt my finger. I had taken a pan out of the oven with my right hand. Well, I decided that it would be easier to hold it in my left hand so I could use my right hand to take the food off. Stupid me, I forgot that I didn't have an oven mitt on my left hand. Luckily I didn't have my hand wrapped around it yet and only touched it with one finger. However, I was in horrible pain for the rest of the night. I went through the rest of the ice we had and it was still burning. Around 8:30 I took some Tylenol PM hoping that it would help me sleep and help my finger to stop hurting. It still didn't seem to kick in by 10. Luckily Rob brought some burn cream home from work. I put some on, put a bandage on it and went to bed. I woke up once at about 4:30 when I'm guessing the Tylenol was wearing off. My finger was pain free but I could tell that the Tylenol had helped me sleep. I always feel like I had been knocked out after taking it. Anyway, luckily my finger was fine all day. I still can't believe I did that. I feel so stupid!

I had a short day at work (kind of). E had a playdate at a friends house. I guess the friends mom want to make it a weekly thing. So that means that I will only have E on Monday mornings because the other three mornings he is in preschool.

After M's nap today she wanted a book in her bed. Well one book turned into five and the next thing I know, E is emptying the bookshelf into her bed. Here is a picture of her in the mess.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving already. This year has gone by fast. I really like the holidays but I like them to be spent with family. I bummed this year because nothing is happening for Thanksgiving. I am going to sit home all day by myself while Rob is at work. When he gets home we will have dinner together but I'm sure it will be the furthest thing from a thanksgiving feast. At least I have some pumpkin pie that I can eat.

I've also been thinking about Christmas. I love Christmas but I'm afraid I will be disappointed with that too. None of us have a lot of money to buy gifts this year. I love buying gifts but I don't have much to spend. My sister also doesn't have money to buy anything because they just bought a new house so they don't want us to buy anything for them at all. I told her that I want to at least get Claire something. It is her first Christmas. Also I am bummed because her husband is being an ass (what else is new). He doesn't want everyone to come there but he also doesn't want to go to Michigan because the weather was so bad last year. Every time they talk about it, they get into a fight. I wish I could give him a piece of my mind. I can't imagine Christmas without my sister. I could care less if he is there or not but I at least want my sister and Claire to be there. I worry about them sometimes.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I have decided that I am going to brave the shopping craziness on Friday. I am trying to plan my gift giving around the deals. I still have to figure out something for my mom and for Rob. We talked about getting a new tv as our gift to each other but we are not sure yet and even if we do, I'd still like to get him something. Plus his birthday is coming up so I need to figure out something for that too. All of this is keeping me from sleeping now.

Oh I guess it is Thanksgiving now so Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who may read this if anyone.

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