Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not a whole lot happened today. It was pretty boring. The only thing I really did was a load of laundry. I did manage to get my picture first thing this morning though. Both cats were laying on the back of the couch and they looked so cute. So here they are.


Every second Saturday of the month I meet with several other nannies from the area. So this morning I went to Panera for this months meeting. I enjoy talking to other nannies who know what this job is really like. I also like the fact that most of the women in this group have more experience than I do so it is a good way for me to learn from them. This summer we are planning a day trip to Wisconsin and also a picnic at the park to get our charges together. A will be walking by that time (or should be) so I'm sure he will really enjoy that.

When I got home, Rob and I cleaned the apartment. I always feel much better when it is clean. Then we went for a walk around the apartment complex and through the neighborhood next door. On the way back we decided to cut through the back of the complex and walk to Target. I'm so excited that I can walk to Target from here and not even have touch a major road. We are litterally in Target's back yard! I'm excited that the weather is getting nicer and we can go for walks now. I kinda wish that we had a dog that needed to be walked to give me a good reason to go for walks more often.