Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's really starting to feel like winter

Yesterday the snow started. Today it continued and we are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow. It's yucky snow too, the really wet heavy stuff.

This afternoon while M napped, E and I built a couple of snowmen.

We made a big one and a little one. I love the picture of him with the little one, he looks so proud.

After M's nap, I took the kids to the mall. E made a list to give to Santa. He is such a sweet kid, he even added a few things on there for M. We went to the mall and E sat on Santas lap. He was really shy about it but he did sit there. I didn't even try to put M on his lap. I think it is mean when people force little kids to sit on some strangers lap. I only had E do it because it was his idea. If he would have got up there and changed his mind, I would have let him. Anyway, after visiting Santa, the kids got to play for quite a while. The play area has a huge fake tree in it and way up in the tree is a wood pecker. Of course M found it and wanted to see it closer. I swear she will be a bird watcher when she gets older. The first time I took her to the pet store, she was in love with all of the birds they had. She finds them everywhere!

Anyway, time for bed. I need to get up early tomorrow because of the snow. Man do I miss snow days!