Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good end to a good weekend

On Friday afternoon (early evening) Rob and I headed to Michigan for the weekend. We had a nice dinner with my parents when we got there and then we sat around and chatted. I was planning on having Amanda (my brother's girlfriend) cut my hair on Saturday so we planned for them to come over for breakfast that morning. My mom made Oma's pancakes, yum! But the plans changed. Eric ended having to work in the morning and Amanda wasn't feeling too good. Instead my mom called the salon where she goes and asked if they would be able to fit me in sometime that morning. They could as long as we came right away. My mom was nice enough to pay for my haircut since I was planning on going the cheap route and getting it done for free to save money for Florida. Then she handed me a check and told me to use it for something fun while we were in Florida. After my haircut we went home and picked Rob up (he didn't want to go with) and went to Benton Harbor. While we were there, he got his hair cut at great clips since they were having a $5.99 sale. Nice! We went to Target so that I could buy new earbuds for the trip since I somehow managed to loose two pairs and then to Old Navy to see if they had anything good for Florida. Last weekend I saw a ton of stuff on their website but found nothing in the store. Oh well. That night we went out to dinner with Missy. As much as I love my parents and love spending time with them, I kinda wish I wouldn't have invited them. It was a good time but I would have liked to sit and talk to Missy a little longer. Instead my father rushed us out of there. He had already circled the building twice before everyone was finished paying. When we were on our way to dinner, he didn't even wait for me to close the door before he started backing out of the driveway. I'm not sure why he is always in a hurry. He has no job and does nothing all day, how can he be so rushed all the time! Anyway, I still had a good time. This morning we had breakfast and then left to come home. Rob had to be at work at 2:30 today and wanted to be at home and relax for a bit before work. Once he left, I worked out, took a shower and went out. I went to our Old Navy and had a bit more luck. I did find a few more things but I didn't want to pay almost $30 for one top so I decided to look in the clearance which I usually hate. I hate how unorganized and overstuffed the section is. It also always seems that everyone in the store is in that one spot and I get too overwhelmed and give up really quickly. Today was different. No one was there, the racks were actually organized by size and even color, and they weren't so full you couldn't look through the stuff. I found 2 tops and a skirt and paid $23 total. I was happy. After that, I went to Sweet Tomatoes to meet some friends from Nanny Circle. We had a good time and of course some good food. I almost didn't go because I didn't want to spend any more money but I'm glad I went. We had "buy one get one free" coupons so dinner was half off. I only paid $8. If I wouldn't have gone out with them, I probably would have ended up getting food from McDonalds anyway. So for less than $3 more, I had a healthier meal and spent it with friends. Then I decided that I wasn't going to go out with them after to save some money but no one ended up going out anyway so I didn't miss out.

Like I mentioned before, I worked out today. So I have kept up with it for a full week! I'm very proud of myself. The girls suggested that I try Woman's workout world because it is a good price, it's only woman, and they have up-to-date equipment. It turns out that it is right by where I live! We actually drove by it the other night and I said to Rob that I should check into it. He laughed. Of course I hadn't started working out by that time yet. But really, I could walk to it if it weren't so damn cold. It is closer to me than Target is and I walk to that when the weather is nice. Anyway, that would be an easy place to just stop at on my way home from work. I'm going to look into it. Actually, I'm going to see if they have a website right now.