Sunday, March 8, 2009


On my way home today I had to stop at Walgreen's to get more stuff for Rob's hand. While I was there I saw that they had all of the Easter candy out and I couldn't pass up the Reese's peanut butter eggs. So since I didn't know what else to take a picture of for today, I decided to take a picture of one just before I ate it.

And now it's bed time. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Monday's are hard enough but with the time change I'm sure it will be worse.


On Saturday I took pictures of Michelle in the baby's room. Here is my favorite one.

We went to Baby's R Us so that Michelle could register for baby things. She thought she had a lot of things on her registry and was trying not to add everything. At the end she made a comment about it to the lady at the registry desk and she said that she was way under the normal amount. After Baby's R Us we went out to dinner at Olive Garden. When we got back, I helped Michelle add some more things to her registry.

I'm actually a little worried about Michelle. She started having contractions the other day at work and her doctor is making her take a week off of work. While we were at Baby's R Us, she had another contraction and we had just gotten started. She protested at first but my mom and I made her ride around the store in a wheel chair. She isn't due until July so she has a way to go. I really hope everything is okay.


This post is going to have three pictures because I couldn't decide which one I wanted to use.

Friday morning I headed for Michigan to meet my mom so we could go to Ohio to see my sister. When I got there, I noticed that my mom got a new car. So here is my first picture; her new car. I love it btw.

I also decided to take a picture of the welcome to Ohio sign.

When we got to Michelle's, my mom decided to say hi to "baby."