Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a girl! And I think I'm psychic

All day today I had this feeling that Sarah was going to have the baby today. I kept checking my phone for texts or emails saying that the baby was born. On my way home from work I had this whole plan to ask her if I could take Sweet Baby to music class on Thursday so she could have time with just the baby. I thought if the weather was nice that I would pick him up and take the kids in the wagon. I even checked the weather. When I got home there was this catalog from Target in the mail and on the back was an advertisement for baby gift registry and on it it said "it's a girl." Of course all along I have thought (or maybe just hoped) that it was a girl. Anyway so I was about to go to bed and I noticed that I had an e-mail. It was from Sarah (or someone from her email) saying she had a baby girl A! I need to think of a nickname for her still but for now she will be A. It's a good thing I am using nicknames because all of the A's would get confusing. And no, they are not doing that annoying thing where all of the kids names start with A. I know this because if she had been a boy her name would be D. So anyway, when I got the email, I jumped out of bed to tell Rob because I told him earlier that I had that feeling. He said maybe I'm psychic.

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