Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009

Today is the last day of 2009. It was a pretty good year. Nothing too great happened but it wasn't bad either. I think the worst part of the year was losing my dream job. However, I was very lucky to find another great job right away. The best thing that happened this year was becoming an Aunt. Bear is 6 months old now. I wish I got to see her more. Another great part of 2009 was getting to spend 2 weeks in Maine! I am so happy I had the opportunity to go out there and visit my first nanny family. I miss them all like crazy. The girls are getting so big! Did I make up nick names for them yet? I don't think so. For now I'll go by initials. E will be 5 in January! I can't believe it. She was 16 months old when I started with them. M was 2 weeks and is now just over 3.5! I saw a picture of them that was taken a week or so ago and they were getting so big.

I am looking forward to 2010. There are already a few things I am looking forward to. In February Rob and I are going to Florida. I have never been there before. We are going for his friend's wedding. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of his family and all of his friends. We are driving down there. That should be fun. I like road trips. Another thing I am looking forward to is Sweet Baby becoming a big brother. I may not get to be there to help raise the new baby but I am still looking forward to his/her arrival. For some reason I wanted to say that he was getting a little sister but then remembered that they don't and will not find out the sex of the baby. Maybe that means it will be a girl. Or maybe that is just because I hope that it's a girl.

Now for an update. I haven't wrote in over a week and there really is no excuse except that I was too lazy.

On Christmas Eve Rob and I went to his dad's. We had a nice dinner and got gifts. One of them was a gift card to Ikea for $200. That was great because I had been wanting to get stuff to re-organize the kitchen. Our kitchen is tiny so storage has to be creative.

On Christmas day Rob and I opened presents from each other. He got me a new desk chair (yay) and a snuggie. Then we left for Michigan. We stopped at my Grandparents on the way. It was nice to see some of my family. Not everyone was there of course. My sister, Nathan and Bear got there around 3:30. Bear is starting to get stranger anxiety plus she hadn't napped well all day so she was not in the greatest mood. I did get to spend some time with her though. My mom had to work and didn't get home until 7. We had dinner ready so we could eat when she got home. Then we opened presents. Bear was pretty much done with everyone by the end of dinner she and Nathan missed presents. I was bummed. Anyway, my gift from my mom was the book case from Ikea that I wanted to use in the kitchen. She didn't have it yet since they don't have an Ikea close by so we made plans for her to come out here and then Rob and I had to leave because the weather was getting bad and he had to work at 6 am the next morning.

Monday Rob was off of work so we got a lot of things done around the apartment. He helped me clean. Then we went out to lunch and then did groceries. When we got home we did seven loads of laundry. It was a very productive day.

Tuesday my mom came out here. It was her first time driving out here by herself. Go mom!! When Rob got off of work we went to Ikea to get the book case and spend the gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet. That was our first of what will be four trips to Ikea in one week. I got a lot of good stuff for the kitchen and a few things for around the apartment.

Yesterday Rob and I put the book case together and I put everything in the new places. I still need to get the boxes to put in the cubbies of the book case. They were out of the black ones. So we may actually have to make a fifth trip if they don't get them in before Sunday.

Today Rob and I went to Ikea for trip #2 to get light bulbs. They had the two packs of the energy efficient light bulbs for $0.99. They had a limit of 4 per person so we each grabbed 4 and went through separate lines. We saved $44!

The other two trips to Ikea will be on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we are going to get a dresser for Rob. They are on sale for $39 instead of $79. On Sunday there is a duvet cover on sale that my mom wants. She gave me money to go back and pick it up. I'm hoping that they will have the boxes that I want by then so I don't have to go again. I really want the kitchen to be done soon.

Now it is time for pictures. I didn't take any for Christmas this year and I'm sad that I didn't. But I did take a before picture of the kitchen. So here it is. Once it is finished I will post pictures of the new stuff.