Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bird watching

Another kitty picture. It's getting hard to come up with ideas for pictures of something other than the cats. I need to start taking pictures when we go out places. Today Rob and I walked to Maxwell's for lunch and then we walked over to Target just to walk around. So in this picture, the cats were looking out the window all morning because there are birds out there. They were sitting there for a long time. So I started taking a bunch of pictures and I think this was my favorite one. They are really funny when they sit in front of that window, Roo was standing in the window and I thought he was going to try and jump through the screen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here is my Roo. He follows me around every morning, even into the bathroom if I let him. I think he misses sleeping on my pillow but I don't miss the cat hair in my eyes. This summer we are going to have to let them back in the bedroom or else we won't have AC in there. We just have a unit in the living room wall. Hopefully by that time they will be done shedding like they are now.

Anyway, it was a pretty normal day. When I got home from work, Rob and I went to the bank and to do groceries. Then we caught up on our tv shows that we missed the night before.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight I really wanted a milk shake. I was hoping they still had the shamrock shakes so I could have half shamrock and half chocolate. They were out so I just had chocolate. I was in a pretty bad mood and didn't feel good so I was thought I needed the chocolate shake. Not much else happened today, just a normal day.