Monday, January 18, 2010

"I'm sick of looking at it!"

Saturday night I babysat Minnie and then went out to Jackie's. She had some people over for games and good times. I stayed over night and we went to lunch yesterday afternoon. We went to Flat top. I had never been there. It was okay but I'd like to try it again before I really decide if I like it. Since I had no clue what I was doing, I put hardly anything in my bowl and realized it at the when I got to the end and looked at Jackie's. Next time I want to try something else. Anyway, it was still a good time. We went to Target after to get a few things and then back to Jackie's to have a spa day. I love spa days now! They are wonderful. Last time I ran out of time and was unable to finish my facial but not yesterday. My face felt amazing after! I want to try and do it once a week if I have time.

Saturday I finally cleaned the apartment (with Rob's help) and took the after pictures of the kitchen. So as promised, here are the after pictures.

This is the table with the new place mats from Ikea. I like that I can wipe them off instead of washing them and hoping they don't have stains. Now we just need to either stain the table or buy a table cloth to protect it since it is unfinished wood. It is supposed to get stained eventually but that is hard to do in this apartment so I'd like to get a table cloth until then.
The only thing I still want to do here is get a bread box. Now that everything else is hiding, I want the bread to hide too. Like I said to Jackie, "I'm sick of looking at it." I also would like to have a black or stainless steel microwave to match the rest of the stuff we have but for now we don't have money to replace something that still works just fine.

And here is the whole thing together. I think it looks much better!