Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two more weeks of snow.

In exactly two weeks, Rob and I will be on our way to Florida! I am working on Wednesday and then we are leaving as soon as I get home. I can't wait!

Monday was a rough day at work. Scooby was not listening to me at all. He had a sports class in the morning and just walked right out at the end while I was calling behind him telling him to wait for me. Then he was walking in the opposite direction and again, I was calling to him and he was not listening. After that I took the kids to Monkey Joes. That was fun except for when he wasn't listening to me again and got separated from us. If he would have been listening to me, he would have known where I was. Lunch was the usual mess of him telling Ladybug to throw things. She has pretty much learned that she won't get away with it though. I had a nice talk with mom about it when she came home. She told me to start taking away privileges when he is not listening. Then I think she had a nice talk with him after I left.

Tuesday was the exact opposite of Monday. I found out that it is okay for him to play on the computer (he has been asking about it for about two weeks and I finally asked mom about it) so I told him before lunch started how I expected him to behave and that if he didn't behave that way, he would not get to play the Hotwheels game on the computer. He was perfect at lunch. However at snack he was trying to get Ladybug to throw something so I told him he couldn't play hotwheels after snack. He got a little upset but then was fine. Instead we went downstairs and turned all of the lights off and they had races across the basement. It was fun until Scooby got a little out of control and crashed into the wall. He was okay after a minute and they went back to racing.

Today was Scooby's weekly playdate at his friend's house. He was much better behaved today too. After Ladybug's nap I took them to the playplace at McDonald's to run around for a bit. I got them each a cookie and a milk.

Other than work, not much has been going on. I spent the weekend in pj's. I did clean and exercise on Sunday. I have decided to try and work out three times a week. It will probably be Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I'm very proud of myself because I actually did it last night after work. I had planned on it all day but figured by the time I got home I wouldn't want to anymore. Well, I got home and that was the first thing I did. It feels great because I know that I have more energy when I work out. I even did the dishes right after dinner which is something I am bad about doing.

Anyway, time to go and put laundry in the dryer. I won't have time to do laundry this weekend because Rob and I are going to Michigan.