Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exciting changes

I decided to give the blog a new look for a while because......

Rob and I are getting married!! I chose the layout because it goes with the wedding theme. We are getting married in Florida on the beach. The wedding will be in May. We are trying for May 14th but since we don't have a place set for sure, that date could change. However, I have started calling places and it doesn't seem like that date will be a problem as long as we get things going.

Even though the engagement part did not go like I had dreamed, I still very happy and excited about this. I always said that I wanted a surprise engagement with a ring that Rob picked out without my help and that is not how it happened. It was more like a conversation that we had last Sunday. No ring, no proposal but now that it is here, that doesn't matter to me anymore. And last night we were looking at rings online together. Even though it didn't work out like I expected, I couldn't be happier. The most important thing is, we will be getting married!

We are trying to do the wedding on a budget but I think it will still be very nice. I really like the idea of having the wedding on the beach. I really want a bamboo arch and a aisle to walk down. The aisle will basically just have decorations along the sides with chairs on either side. The size will probably be small because I don't think a lot of our family will be able to make it. I would love to have everyone there but we will just have to settle for immediate family and a few close friends. I am fine with that. I do still want to have a party later to celebrate in Michigan with everyone who was not able to make it.

So far, I am a week into planning and for the first few days, my head was spinning in all sorts of directions. But now I finally have a better idea of exactly what I want, where to look and I have started making phone calls and talking to people. Hopefully within the next week or so we will have a place nailed down for sure. Once that is done, I will be able to relax again.

Next weekend my sister is coming and possibly my mom and we are going dress shopping. I'm excited about that! I miss my sister a ton and I am so glad that she will get to be a part of that! She will be my maid of honor. I wanted to have a few other friends in the wedding party but we decided that since it will be a small wedding, it would be best to just go with a best man and maid of honor. However, my friends that I origanally wanted in the wedding have all said that they will be there!

My hope for this blog is that I update about the wedding plans on a regular basis. Even if that is all I post about, I want to at least have my wedding thoughts saved somewhere.