Sunday, March 1, 2009

Damn cat!!!

Here is my funny picture for today. It was taken really late last night but it was technically this morning (1 am) so I will use it for today. This picture was taken right after she got in trouble for peeing on the floor. She looks pissed and her face is all wet because I had to wash it after Rob rubbed her face in her pee. It was gross!! I couldn't leave her that way. Anyway, I'm not sure what her deal is. She is two years old and has always used a litter box and all of a sudden she is peeing on our floor. This is the second time in a few days. I hate to say it, but if she keeps it up, the cats are going to have to go. They are brother and sister and don't want to separate them because they have been together since they were born. So if we have to take one of them back, they both have to go.


For today (actually yesterday) I decided to take a picture of Rob playing Guitar Hero. He requested that I only got the guitar. I guess he didn't want to be in the picture. So that is what we did yesterday (and the rest of the weekend). Taking pictures of things when I do nothing all day is getting hard but I WILL keep this up! We also went to Ikea and to do groceries but I completely forgot to take pictures while we were out. Oh well.